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Scary moment —

So I’m sleeping and as anybody will tell you, I sleep like a god damn rock. I’ve slept through hurricanes, and I can easily sleep through just about anything. Even ice and water being thrown at me will only get a ‘Huh…?’ Especially when I’m overtired. Well today was one of those overtired days.

4am and I hit the hay, fighting with my subconscious about sleep. Eventually I do go to sleep about half an hour after four or so, all my animals curled up with me. It was nice. ^^

Key word. Was.

6am I was woken up for no apparent reason. I’m looking around my room like, ‘Why am I awake..?’ Then I realize…
Have you ever felt something and heard it at the same time? How about been tickled by it yet hurt? I have before. And I knew that pain VERY well. It was a mother fucking roach. In my god damn ear.
I don’t think anybody understands quite how terrafying that is. In fact, its downright SCARY! Nightmarish even! Well this is the second time its happened.
German cockroaches are fucking stupid common anywhere you go, and they are the HARDEST roaches to combat.

We’ve been dealing with them for years, and as of late its been a loosing battle. In fact, it kind of sucks. My bed is right by the litter box (my room is weird) and so I have a pretty bad roach issue in my room. Doesn’t help that my room is a tad cluttered.
So anyways, I run to my mother’s room, literally WAILING like a four year old because I don’t know what to do. I was panicking. I wanted to go to a hospital or something, anything. Last time this happened, I’d jumped around and shook my head, banging on my ear for fifteen minutes (knowing what the issue was because of our infestation), the muffled scratching driving me literally INSANE and while I was waiting for her to help, it jumped out.

Apparently this roach is an idiot.
A dead idiot.
Now trapped in my ear.

My mother pored soapy water in my ear, which feels bad enough on its own (I hate having my ears plugged off with water), but with a roach squirming around as it died? Yeah. That is probably the worst feeling I’ve ever had in my god damn life. I was balling my eyes out, squished up in the fetal position on my side for her to see my ear. She was yelling at me to shut up which only made me panic more and bite my tongue.
She was going to take me to the ER. But instead, sense its clearly dead but still in there, (no more muffled scratching), WE GET TO WAIT AN HOUR FOR THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE TO OPEN.



So in the meantime I’m sitting here at my desk, trying despratly to keep calm, knowing that a doctor can see me soon.
God I’m going to look like a madwoman going in there. Hair a mess, crappy cloths, eyes bloodshot from tears and lack of sleep.

 Can’t believe I have to walk out of the house like this…

Ugh and I still FEEL that little fucker in my ear! I SWEAR TO GOD I FEEL HIM.

I swear to god if I ever get a job I’m saving up for a car an a roach free apartment.





They got the roach out after about two, three hours in the ER. I was rocking back and forth like a lunatic, they got me in a room asap. XD Kept trembling too.
I sat in there for AGES going insane and eventually my ear was flushed with water. Roach came right out, it was a tiny little thing.
My ear hurt the rest of the day but it feels so much better now.


Update —

When did I get spammers? I forgot to update my blog as of late, reality has a stronghold on my THROAT at the moment. I log on to avoid working on this painstaking essay revisal and what do I find? Over 100 notices, and most of them appear to be spam or information on like. MP3 players for some reason. Which is funny, because I don’t even own an MP3.

Anyways, I’m writing this for a life update and stuff! 😛

A friend of mine was kicked out of her house a few months ago, so she’s now living with my family. I couldn’t have her living on the street could I? She’s irritating at times though. Then again, who isn’t?
I had to drop out of Creative Writing 1 because I didn’t have time for all the work required unfortunately…
Still have not replaced my laptop.
OH! And I have a new boyfriend! I’m ecstatic about that because for the FIRST TIME in my life I made the decision! I kissed him~! And it totally worked out for the better, because he practically BEGGED me to go out with him. We’ve been dating for about a month now and I’ve never been so happy with another person I swear. He’s the first guy I can actually cry on. Though that’s kind of sad.

Lets see… My Pop pop died recently. We went up to Philly for the Funeral. That was highly depressing. I didn’t even know he was a Free Mason. Isn’t that interesting!? I’d love to dig up more info on that but its hard to ask daddy because he’s already hurt by pop pop dying. A friend of ours died recently in a motorcycle accident as well.

Quite depressing if you ask me.

In gaming, I hope that over the summer I’ll be able to Minecraft it up! Although I want to plan a trip to visit my grandmother and Vovo, as well as a few other people.

OH! And be sure to check out my DA! There have been a few new posts recently, and I’m working hard to make sure I’ve got SOMETHING to post.

Guess that’s it for the day!
Lots ‘o Luff


Laptop Problems —

Well, netbook problems actually. I’ve been carrying around so many things in my backpack that I guess my books crushed my netbook’s screen.
I’m considering buying a full scale laptop to replace it.

In other news, I’ve been keeping busy. I got a 3DS to play with between classes, and I listen to music on it in Drawing 1. Yay.


I’ll try to update more, promise D:



Another day another story. —

As many of you know, this semester is a rather busy one. I haven’t had time for Minecrafting at ALL! Its quite heartbreaking. So I’ve decided to post what I’m up to for those who are curious enough to read.

Sense this is my first post, I’ll start with my daily schedule.
I have classes four days a week.
Monday Wednesday class starts at 12:30pm and end… at like. Four fifteen or something. I forget.
I sometimes stick around campus to keep my friend Sa-Maria company. Nobody else is really at school Monday Wednesdays. Classes are Creative Writing 1 and English 1. Both usually assign homework.

Tuesday Thursdays are my long days, where I’m occupied from six in the morning till six in the evening or later! Those days start with a morning class at 8am, and an evening class at 4pm. Tuesday Thursdays are my group days. I have Drawing 1 and Developmental Math 2, my easiest classes. Sorta. Both always assign homework that I’m working on while hanging with all of my friends. And trust me, EVERYBODY is at school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (Even that one slut who stole my last boyfriend.)

Friday nights I typically go out believe it or not. Sa-Maria gets very lonely, she lost her mother late last year and is now living alone in their old house. Its very hard for her so I try to be there for her. She’s been so kind to me, giving me a new bed, lending me her carpet cleaner for my rug… she’s an angel.

However, she’s very clingy. Sometimes our nights will leak into Saturday which means I get like. NO sleep. And when I get no sleep, I fall behind on homework. She makes it VERY difficult for me to accomplish what I need to throughout the week. I know she doesn’t mean to, but that’s what happens all the time and I find it highly frustrating.

Sundays I spend the entire day trying to accomplish what’s due.
Then finally Monday starts the cycle over again.


One more thing I’ll be posting here will be whatever stories I write for Creative Writing 1. I like to share my creations, so do feel free to critique.
Whelp, guess that’s it for now! See yall next blog post! ~_^



Did you Bring it?

Creative Writing 1

            “Annabelle, are you a fool?” The question has many voices… Mother, Father, her best friend Lacey… but regardless of the source, the words never held any weight.

“Yes, I’m a fool. A fool in love, and can you blame me,” she’d always reply. “He took me in when you people kicked me out!” And now, serving food to obnoxious customers for minimum wage at the local Melon’s Bar & Grill, Annabelle would wonder if it was her own fault that her family had kicked her out. Every day had become a tired old routine. Wake up, make breakfeast for the household, leave for work, come home and tend to Will’s every whim, sleep, rinse, wash, repeat.

Not having a car of her own, Lacey would always give Annabelle her ride’s to and from work, occasionally picking up dinner for her and her family. “Put it on Belle’s check,” she’d always say. “Payment for all the gas I use on her!”

“Mother forget to cook again,” Annabelle would ask, as she placed the bags of food in the back seat.

“Of course she did,” Lacey would reply. “Damn woman can’t be trusted to remember anything, you should know that. She’s too busy with her latest squeeze… oh what’s his name. Darrel or something.” She’d start the car with a sigh as Annabelle buckled her seatbelt.

“So things haven’t changed at your place then… Honestly Lacey, how do you do it? You go to school, work, take care of your family, and STILL manage to pick me up from work. I swear, you have clones running around!”

Lacey chuckled as she pulled away from the parking lot, racing towards Will’s place at nearly twice the speed limit. She wasn’t exactly known for being the world’s safest driver. “I see you’ve figured out my plan. I’ve got clones of myself planted all over town. I’m afraid I’m going to have to take your life now,” Lacy announced.

“Oh ha ha Lacey, very funny,” Annabelle replied. She rolled her eyes with a sigh as the two continued to exchange friendly banter on the way home.


As Lacey pulled the car up against the curb in front of Will’s place, the door would open and the man of the hour would stick his head out. “Anne! It’s about time,” he’d shout out the door. Lacey rolled down the windows with a groan so that the two could hear the shirtless male.

“Anne, hurry up and get your ass in here! We don’t have time to waste!” He slammed the door as Annabelle removed herself from the car. She walked around to the driver’s side and bent down to say her goodbye’s to Lacey and Lacey suddenly snatched Annabelle’s arm and held it tightly.
“Belle… listen. Do you want me to go in there with you,” she said as their eyes locked.

“No Lacey I… I’ll be fine. I’m sure he’s just got friends over and their high and want snacks or something. That’s usually how these things go,” she replied, rolling her eyes.
“Belle, he reminds me of my father. Do… do you remember him?”

“Vaguely, but wasn’t he abusive? Will would never lay a hand on me, he loves me. Your father walked out on you.”

“No, my father RAN out on me. Into six lanes of traffic while evading police with an insane amount of coke in his system. Just… Just be careful okay? I get this feeling that Will is going to hurt you somehow and I don’t want that. I hate seeing you suffer, you and I have known eachother for way too long…” Lacey let go with a sigh and looked down at the road.
“I’ll be fine hon, really. Look, I’ll call you if anything goes wrong, okay?” Annabelle lifted her purse over her shoulder and waved goodbye, walking to the front door. “Drive safe! Or… well. Legally. Or something.” Lacey waved her arm out the window as she sped off into the knight and Annabelle sighed, opening the door.

The heavy aroma of smoke clung to the small, two bedroom house as Annabelle marched in and placed her purse on the coffee table. With a heavy heart, Annabelle looked around the living room. Hozer, Will’s dealer, was sitting on the couch as if it was his property. Shirt lying on the ground, pants unzipped, legs wide open… He looked at her with these lazy eyes and this smart ass smirk that practically screamed, ‘Where’s dinner babe?’ In one hand he had a small blunt, and draped over the other like some kind of accessory was his girlfriend Brittany.
Now Brittany was once rather beautiful. She still was, though quite malnourished. She spent almost every ounce of money she got in her hands on drugs. And not the small stuff neither, we’re talking about meth. She loved the stuff, couldn’t get enough of it, and Hozer encouraged her addictive behavior. Praised it.

Will marched in from the kitchen, head held high, stunning blue eyes peering at Annabelle through his glasses. “It’s about time Anne, Did you bring it?”

“Don’t call me Anne, call me Belle. I’ve told you that a THOUSAND times, now what do you mean by ‘Did you bring it?’ I just got home, I didn’t plan on bringing home dinner… if you give me some time I can whip something together,” she waved him off dismissively.

“Don’t play games with me Anne, that’s not what I’m talking about.” He walked around the couch and Hozer stared at the two of them with blank, dead eyes. “You KNOW what I’m talking about, I’ve got to pay Hozer, Brittany needs to pay her dealer, and I need my OWN fix.”

“Then you’re talking about my paycheck…? Will, I barely made two hundred dollars this week, I can’t afford to pay for your fix. We need groceries and still haven’t made rent,” Annabelle replied. “And don’t call me Anne, its Belle! How many times do I have to…”

Will grabbed her wrist as she reached for her purse and pulled her up against him, his right hand reaching to grab ahold of her cheek and pull her lips to his. She instantly relaxed as they exchanged a kiss, Will placing both of his hands at her waist.

“Oy! You two can pay me off wid somma dat if ya want! Get da preddy one to make out with this slut and we be set,” Hozer said from the couch, smacking Brittany on the rear.

“Oh Hozer, don’t be a pig,” Brittany replied, taking a nibble of his ear.
Annabelle blushed, pulling away from Will and staring down at her puse with a sigh. He gave her the most innocent look that just melted her heart. “Please babe… This is the last time I rip into our food money, honest.”

She reached into her purse and pulled out a bank envelope filled with her weekly paycheck. “How much do you need,” she replied with a heavy heart.